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Our members are creatives, professionals, innovators, do-gooders, and all around amazing people who realized their couch is no place to build an empire.

Scott rogers & adina bailey

Scott Rogers and Adina Bailey are the co-founders of online tool for coordinating the delivery of meals to loved ones. If someone is ill, elderly, or has a new baby, oftentimes family, friends, co-workers, and church friends will offer to bring over some dinner. In the past, one person would coordinate the scheduling of the meals by phone or email. allows for the creation of an online meal schedule where friends can sign up to take or send a meal on helpful days.

The Hub provides a physical space for our online company where we can come together as a team to collaborate on new projects while meeting other local professionals who are growing their businesses as well.
— Scott Rogers,

On The Road Collaborative

brent holsinger & deanna reed

On the Road Collaborative is a start-up educational non-profit in town. We empower underserved middle school youth in Harrisonburg City and set them on the road towards college and career. The coolest thing we do are Career Enrichment Projects--10-week hands-on projects about different careers led by volunteer local professionals. Our young people become architects, lawyers, coders, chefs, actors, nurses and more, sparking their passions and creating a vision for their future. What will YOU teach?

VA Momentum

kevin gibson & alan maynard

Energizing the Community for Good: our mission statement and something we wholeheartedly believe in. We grew up eating lots of unhealthy food and not exercising enough. Getting active through events like the ones we now promote changed our lives for the better. We host events that feel good and are non-threatening for all levels of experience because that is what motivated us to value our health and wellness. The short story is that Kevin is the idea guy and Alan is the level headed one. We love our work and have a ton of fun doing it.

Hotel Madison

Eddie Bumbaugh

After serving as the executive director of Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance for more than 12 years, Eddie Bumbaugh is the new Director of Sales & Marketing for the Hotel Madison & Shenandoah Valley Conference Center. The 231 room hotel will have a farm-to-table restaurant and 20,000 square foot multi-room facility for events and conferences. The expected ground breaking is Spring 2016, with a projected completion in Fall 2017. Eddie loves being a "downtownie," traveling, biking, and hiking. As an Appalachian Trail section hiker, he has completed 1,900 miles of the 2,180 mile trail, with only the most challenging state of Maine to complete.

The Hub is an ideal work space for me. I have great friends and colleagues here who can be relied on to give help, advice, and share light moments.
— Eddie Bumbaugh, Hotel Madison

Ritchie Vaughan


Ritchie Vaughan is a Realtor at Kline May Realty specializing in Harrisonburg and surrounding areas, first-time home buyers, and woodland properties. When she isn't helping friends and neighbors find homes, Ritchie can be found mountain biking, volunteering with Refugee Resettlement, renovating old houses, or working with nonprofit boards and city commissions. Before moving here in 2012, she worked as a wilderness ranger in California, a horse logger, a trail builder in Alaska, and an agroforestry teacher and researcher at Virginia Tech.

The Preziuso Agency

Donna preziuso

Donna is a 30+ year insurance industry professional with experience and success in employee development and training, new account acquisitions and client retention, development of sales strategies, market intelligence, and property and casualty insurance products. Donna is a Multi-line General Agent representing the American National Family of Companies. She is accountable for the recruiting, training and mentoring of new sales agents throughout the Shenandoah Valley as well as the overall growth and retention of the market.

The Hub has been instrumental in making significant professional contacts in a new business market for me. The members are all extremely helpful and genuine individuals that fully embrace the collaborative atmosphere.
— Donnna Preziuso, The Preziuso Agency

Jared Burden, Attorney at Law

Jared is an attorney who feels so at home in his brick-walled office at The Hub that he sometimes gets home too late to cook dinner, which his wife Jenny has come to expect. Jared is a true “general counsel” business and real estate attorney with a practice tailored toward small and medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs. He advises clients statewide at the intersection of law and business in technology, contracts, employment, venture capital financing, and real estate investment and development, as well as trademark, copyright, and general intellectual property strategy. He’s worked in big city firms, in a diverse corporation, and – in an unusual twist – as a retail real estate executive responsible for all new CVS store development in the Washington, DC area. Duke University and UVA Law School were kind enough to give Jared his education. He is an appointee to the City of Harrisonburg’s Economic Development Advisory Committee and is on the committee behind the Build Our Park project in downtown Harrisonburg.  Come by and say hi!

Being part of The Hub puts me in a place where the “energy in the room” matches the enthusiasm I bring to my own practice of law.
— Jared Burden, Attorney at Law

Eileen Frueh, Writer and Editor

As a freelance writer who usually works from my home office, I often go days without seeing another human being. It’s hard to stay energized and engaged when you work solo. The Hub gives me a change of venue and an opportunity to interact with other creative professionals in the community.
— Eileen Frueh, Writer

Eileen Frueh is a writer and editor who works with various clients to develop web content, reports, proposals, position papers, meeting summaries, and other materials. She works primarily in the health and education sectors and has managed several national social marketing campaigns focusing on substance abuse prevention and HIV testing. A self-proclaimed “public health nerd,” she’s drawn to projects that focus on eliminating health disparities, supporting children’s healthy development, and serving the needs of disadvantaged and underserved populations.

Hearing At Home is a 100% mobile hearing clinic. We developed this business out of frustration with the hearing industry's methods of helping people. We left our traditional clinics and after much research in product development, and started our mobile hearing service. We can completely evaluate, diagnose and treat the hearing needs of the patients in the comfort of their own home. In the process we reduce overhead costs by 40-45%, a saving passed on to the patient.
We are also the developers of Hearing Hospice--a program where a patient who has entered hospice care, receives our time and equipment at no charge so they may communicate with their loved ones in that most critical point.