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Our members are creatives, professionals, innovators, do-gooders, and all around amazing people who realized their couch is no place to build an empire.


The Hub provides a physical space for our online company where we can come together as a team to collaborate on new projects while meeting other local professionals who are growing their businesses as well.
— Scott Rogers,
The Hub is an ideal work space for me. I have great friends and colleagues here who can be relied on to give help, advice, and share light moments.
— Eddie Bumbaugh, Hotel Madison
The Hub has been instrumental in making significant professional contacts in a new business market for me. The members are all extremely helpful and genuine individuals that fully embrace the collaborative atmosphere.
— Donnna Preziuso, The Preziuso Agency
Being part of The Hub puts me in a place where the “energy in the room” matches the enthusiasm I bring to my own practice of law.
— Jared Burden, Attorney at Law
As a freelance writer who usually works from my home office, I often go days without seeing another human being. It’s hard to stay energized and engaged when you work solo. The Hub gives me a change of venue and an opportunity to interact with other creative professionals in the community.
— Eileen Frueh, Writer